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Hi, I'm Ryan. I make web apps. I also mess around with large datasets. I was an enterprise application business process analyst for a large company, but now I'm doing even nerdier stuff, and I like it a lot!

Bite-sized and snack-sized points about me:

  • Student at DigitalCrafts, a 16 week, full-time, intesive coding bootcamp
  • Currently on week five of Coursera's Applied Data Science with Python course and loving it!
  • Former IT Business Process Analyst with two achievements I'm particularly proud of:
    • Ran an annual cyber security project for three years, eliminating 80% of discovered security vulnerabilities(over 2,000!) every year through meticulous planning and vigilant monitoring. In the end I achieved my goal of completely eliminating the need for this to be a project altogether, and the activities got rolled in to operations.
    • Created a dashboard of the IT department's activities. Why so special? There were over 1,000 IT employees across five global regions with four divisions, and 5,000,000+ (and growing!) service tickets. This was implemented through an OLAP cube in SQL Server Analysis Services, and sparked my interest in data.
  • Before I was a BPA, I was a Release Management Systems Administrator, mostly deploying out .NET web apps. The troubleshooting was the most rewarding part of that job.
  • Incorrigible foodie
  • Semi-pro photographer
  • Finally, here's my resume for the more formally inclined

Technology I am proficient in:

HTML 5 |
CSS 3 |
Python |
Express |
Node.js |
JavaScript |
PostgreSQL |
Django |
Oracle Databases |
Microsoft SQL Server |
SQL Server Analysis Services |
React |
Windows Server |
nginx |
Linux |
MacOS |
GitHub |
Amazon Web Services |
Heroku |
MongoDB |


GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Finder
A fun SQL challenge to aggregate statistics across the history of Major League Baseball to find the greatest players of all time. Users can select any give time period, (or the entire history of the game) and any given modern team, as well as select stats for each position group.
Food For My Mood
A food recommendation app my bootcamp project team and I designed to answer the questions: Where do I want to eat, and what do I want to eat, in the city of Houston? We sourced the data within our team to prevent the paralysis of choice most users feel when going to the big food apps. There is also a mood query to recommend restaurants based off the user's emotions.
Do I Want to Eat There?

A Civic Houston Hackathon submission, fine-tuned with improved functionality later by me and my friend JJ Spetseris. Sourced from the City of Houston's FY 2016 report data, there were originally over 56,000 entries with little or no documentation. We loaded the data into a database, and performed several passes at analyzing what each entry meant, and trying to eliminate false data and unimportant results. Our conclusions led to a cleaned up dataset of less than 14,000 restaurant entries and their most recent inspection score.

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